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The MA60, a twin turboprop engine passenger aircraft, is designed, developed and verified according to the requirements of CCAR-25. As a matured, energy-saving & environment-friendly turboprop civil aircraft, the MA60 features excellent safety, reliability, comfort and economic efficiencies.
Adapting a two flight-crew system, the MA60 aircraft can seat 52-56 passengers, with a full-fuel range of 2,450 km. The MA60 aircraft can fly safely under a complicated weather condition; and with its precisely-designed landing gear system, it can make safe takeoffs and landings at airstrips of soft soil, grass and sandstone, etc.
The MA60 has a well-equipped and bright passenger cabin with enough space for passengers' carry-on luggage. The temperature of the cockpit and passenger cabin can be adjusted to can be controlled within the range that makes people feel comfortable, providing passengers with fresh air during the whole journey.

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